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For anyone who works in the packaging industry or a parallel business – food suppliers, OEMs, CPGs, retailers and more – it’s common knowledge that packaging quality can make the difference between victory and waste. But when was the last time you zoomed in on the size of your package seals? Pretty standard? UltraThinSeal minimizes seal sizes, reduces material, extends shelf life, and expands profits. We’ve proven it with more than 5 million packages introduced into market, each with an ultra thin seal.

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Revolutionary packaging looks like this.

You can have a strong, 1-millimeter seal on your packages, save money and reduce waste with our ultrasonic technology.

Find out how else UltraThinSeal could benefit you, no matter where your business falls on the packaging value chain. Simply reach out to us or learn more on our benefits page.

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You work hard to keep shelves stocked with well-sealed products. Your output is high. Won’t a major technology change stop your momentum? It doesn’t have to.

UltraThinSeal fits in however you want it to.

Retrofit existing vertical form-fill seal (VFFS) packaging equipment (rotary or reciprocal-style)
Migrate to the next generation of new, high-speed rotary ultrasonic bagmakers
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We're an affiliate of ewi.

EWI is a leading engineering and technology organization that helps manufacturers throughout the world be more competitive and bring big ideas to fruition. Our unique ultrasonic sealing technology was developed by EWI in partnership with a global manufacturer of food products. EWI UltraThinSeal evolved into an enterprise to commercialize this revolutionary technology and make it available to consumer packaged goods companies all over the world.

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